A United Way Appeal From Dr. Ender

Our annual United Way campaign is underway. I understand we have been ranked among the top 50 supporters in past years, and that does not surprise me. If I have learned one thing about GRCC employees, past and present, it is that we care passionately about the well-being of this community.

Our local United Way has a solid record of reaching out to find solutions to broad systemic problems rather than short-term fixes. That makes sense to me. It is likely that most of you, like me, personally know of someone who needed and received assistance from our United Way. That in itself is a tribute to the agency’s reach and scope.

It is difficult to make donations right now as many of us deal with the fallout from Michigan’s struggling economy. At the same time, that is the reason our donations are needed even more.

I know that I have encouraged you to donate to our college in the past and I will again. I also know that those of you who can not give should not, and that those of you who can give will. That’s as it should be.

I am so pleased to be leading this college – a consistently strong pillar in this region and a group of people who make GRCC an institution dedicated to giving everyone an equal shot at reaching their potential.

If you are able to donate to our United Way, I encourage you to do so. Our campaign ends November 13.


Steven C. Ender, Ed.D.

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