Community College Survey of Student Engagement: Active and Collaborative Learning

This illustration of Active and Collaborative Learning also comes from the Institutional Research and Planning:

Felix  Pereiro worked with students over several semesters to develop and Innovations Skills curriculum. The materials for the course were integrated with social networking technology, requiring active and collaborative work by the students. The students participated in the modules and then evaluated them. Their responses helped the developers improve the modules. The students loved the highly interactive learning and particularly loved having such a direct impact on curriculum.

Leigh Kleinert’s students in Anatomy and Physiology have worked on a  Service Learning project with the Grand Rapids Children’s museum. They applied what they were learning about fine and gross motor development to observations of children’s activities in the museum. They shared these observations with the staff and included recommendations for activities that would further enhance development. Some students researched children’s museums across the Midwest. Others developed a brochure for Children’s Museums to use in educating parents about the benefits of their programs for children’s fine and gross motor development. Leith Kleinert said the experience “ forced students to internalize the course material and take ownership for it.” A student commented that “this experience allowed me to help someone and actually make a difference in the community.”

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