GRCC in the News: 11/13/09

New Harper president installed amid fanfare, family
By Kimberly Pohl | Daily Herald

Harper College President Kenneth Ender described his new professional home as a grand institution with resources unmatched by most other community colleges. But with resources, comes great responsibility, he added. Ender spoke of that responsibility to more than 500 people gathered Thursday on the Palatine campus to witness his installation as the fifth president in Harper’s 44-year history. […] “You have overcome every life obstacle with respect and dignity, and we are proud of you,” said a choked up Steven Ender, who is president of Grand Rapids Community College in Michigan. “You are a leader of distinction … Ken, you are the man we knew you would become and we love you very much.”  (More)

Tour of GRCC’s culinary college library is full of surprises
By Dave Murray | The Grand Rapids Press | November 12, 2009, 11:23AM

I am, perhaps the only male subscriber to “Everyday,” Rachael Ray’s magazine and no one believes me when I say I buy it for the articles. I like to cook, and I’ll match my chocolate chip cookies up against anyone. Well, anyone not associated with the Secchia Institute for Culinary Education at Grand Rapids Community College.  (More)

Grand Rapids Community College smoking ban leads to complaints of students, staff lighting up off campus
By Dave Murray | The Grand Rapids Press | November 12, 2009, 8:16AM

GRAND RAPIDS — Smoking on the Grand Rapids Community College campus has dropped significantly since a ban gained teeth this fall — but apparently trespassing from students and staff is on the rise.  President Steven Ender said he has heard complaints that students and staff looking for a nicotine nook are walking across the street to businesses, homes and other places to light up, often leaving a trail of butts that need to be cleaned up.  (More)

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