Updating the CD Viewbook for 2010

GRCC CD Viewbook 2009Currently the Communications Department is processing revisions to the CD Viewbook that is created every year and distributed to prospective students, employees and those interested in more information about the college.  To view your department’s listing to ensure that it is accurate and up-to-date, go to:  http://web.grcc.edu/viewbook/

Revisions / additions may be submitted using the form at www.grcc.edu/viewbookform .  The deadline for revisions is January 25, 2010.

GRCC Employees Using Social Media?

Do you blog, vlog, tweet or publish content on platforms like YouTube or Flickr?  Communications is looking for the professional/work-related social media endeavors of GRCC employees to publish on GRCC’s website to help let the community know about all of the great things that we do (it will also hopefully have the added benefit of boosting your PageRank with Google).  If you’d like to be listed, take a few minutes to visit this page and fill out the form:


Preparing to Save Energy for the Holiday Weekend

GRCC’s energy manager Dorothy Burns encourages you to remember to do the following before you leave for the Thanksgiving holiday to help conserve energy (and save the college money):

  1. Remember to shut off all computers and monitors in your classrooms when your classes are done on Tuesday November 24th.
  2. When you leave for the holiday weekend, please be sure to:
    1. Turn off your computer, monitor, speakers, and local printers.
    2. Unplug chargers for cell phone, camera and other electronics.
    3. If possible, empty and unplug any departmental refrigerators
  3. Before you close that door for the long weekend, look around; is there anything still powered on that doesn’t need to be?

Help by turning off all unnecessary electrical equipment and be “Raider Green.”