GRCC Faculty Invited to Judge Journalism Awards

Society of Professional JournalistsGRCC faculty member Dr. Scott McNabb has been invited to serve as a judge for the 2010 Society of Professional Journalists’ Mark of Excellence awards. The awards honor the best journalism produced by college students, either at campus media outlets or at professional internships. McNabb will judge the best overall newspaper (daily and non-daily), and best overall publication web site in the 2-year college categories.

Special Faculty Learning Day at the Museum 1/6/10

Preparations for the Public Museum Partnership in October, 2009

Grand Rapids Public Museum

Reminder: GRCC's special faculty learning day at the Grand Rapids Public Museum will kick off at 7:30 a.m. on January 6, 2010.

Grand Rapids Community College’s Faculty Learning Day provides faculty the opportunity to engage in an active reflection of what it means to be educators. Further, it serves as a professional development event that supports the renewal of faculty intellectual energy and engagement with College and community colleagues. In partnership with Grand Rapids Public Museum, this Faculty Learning Day will ask faculty to consider their roles as curators of learning.

Preparations for the Public Museum Partnership in October, 2009

Faculty who will lead sessions at the museum include Ann Alexander, Sandy Andrews, Debora DeWitt, Dan Gendler, Luann Keizer, Sherry Knoppers, Sarah Krajewski, Maryann Lesert, Mike Light, Kimberly Overdevest, Eve Sidney, and Tore Skogseth. Faculty Learning Day is administered by Instructional Support and Interdisciplinary Studies.

Preparations for the Public Museum Partnership in October, 2009

Opening remarks, a brief keynote and closing remarks will be made by GRCC President Dr. Steven Ender, Grand Rapids Museum CEO and President Dale Robertson and Museum Director of Education, Interpretation and Research Christian G. Carron.

Faculty are encouraged to carpool or use the DASH which picks up in front of the Ford Fieldhouse every 20 minutes starting at 5:45 a.m.  For more information or to register for sessions, visit:

IT Department Solution for Email Issue

Realm Delete Image for Email Issue
GRCC’s IT department has identified an issue with the email system: when sending email certain addresses may return the error: “User not on post office Error = D101.” This failure to deliver email is caused by an invalid address from the senders Frequent Contacts list in GroupWise.  To fix the problem:
  • When entering addresses in GroupWise, a “Select an Entry…” box will appear asking the sender to pick one of two versions of the address being sent to. The variation will be that the invalid address will contain ““. This address is invalid and the message will not be sent to this individual.
  • Clear the error by selecting the invalid address and clicking the Delete button on the “Select an Entry…” box. Confirm that you wish the address to be deleted. The box will not appear again for that address.
  • You can locate other invalid addresses by opening your GroupWise address book and deleting these invalid addresses from the Frequent Contacts list.

GRCC in the News: 12/29/09 – 1/4/10

OUR VIEW – Some headlines we’d like to read
The Holland Sentinel | Posted Jan 02, 2010 @ 11:05 PM

Holland, MI – Instead of listing our top stories of 2009 – you don’t want to hear any more about that awful year, do you? – we’d like to offer some headlines we would like to see in The Sentinel in 2010. Our wishes may be little ambitious, but it’s only Jan. 3, so our usual cynicism hasn’t set in yet. […] Task force to address community college demand.  The rapid growth of Grand Rapids Community College’s local enrollment shows the latent demand for this long-missing element of the educational continuum in Holland. Local students won’t get the full economic advantage as long as long as they have to pay higher tuition because Holland is outside a community college district.  (More)

Rob Bliss: Are you ready to declare ‘I am a Grand Rapidian?’
By Guest writer | January 01, 2010, 12:33PM | By Rob Bliss | Special to The Press

I had never heard of the city of Bland Rapids until a couple months ago. It was first spoken to me by a 30-something year old who grew up here. He talked of the cloud that seems to hang over us and much of the Midwest. It is the feeling of being left out and left behind, five years behind the rest of the world in time. [… Rob Bliss is an event planner and a music student at Grand Rapids Community College.  (More)

Road Warriors using Resolution Run as warm-up to River Bank race
By Kelly Hill | The Grand Rapids Press | December 30, 2009, 10:00AM

Rachel Tibbe was the fastest runner on the Hamilton High School girls track and field team. Then, she got pregnant.  Tibbe, who graduated from Hamilton in 1998 and now is 29, has returned to running after a difficult decade. She is a member of the 2010 Fifth Third River Bank Run Road Warriors. […] Tibbe is enrolled in the nursing program at Grand Rapids Community College.  “I want to be fit to be a nurse,” she said. “I don’t want to give an unhealthy image to patients.”  (More)

Faces behind Grand Rapids Police Department layoffs
By John Agar | The Grand Rapids Press | December 29, 2009, 11:16AM

GRAND RAPIDS — The lengthy list of those being laid off from the Grand Rapids Police Department this week includes a U.S. Marine who was decorated for service under fire in Iraq and a former “Police Officer of the Year.” […] Dustin Cook, 22 — Born and raised in Wyoming, he washed Wyoming Police cars at 12, which fueled his desire to be a police officer.  A graduate of Calvin Christian High and Grand Rapids Community College, he worked the front desk as a police intern in Grand Rapids. […] Pete Thompson, 22 — The night he learned he would be laid off, Thompson arrested a drug suspect and seized $11,000. […] Born and raised in Grand Rapids, he was an All-City football player at Grand Rapids Christian High, and worked as a police intern while attending Grand Rapids Community College.  (More)

Now Accepting Nominations for Emeritus Faculty Award

GRCC employees are invited to nominate a GRCC Retired Faculty or Administrator for the Emeritus Faculty & Administrator Award. This award was established in 1985 to honor those instructors and administrators whose dedication and creativity have left an indelible mark on the lives of students and colleagues at GRCC.  During their tenure at GRCC and since their retirement, they have continued to promote GRCC’s “Commitment to Excellence” as illustrated by the Raider values described in the narrative forms.   The deadline for nominations is February 1st.  The nomination form can be found at

Contact the Provost Office if you have any questions.