GRCC Board of Trustees Endorses “Achieve the Dream” Initiative

WHEREAS, the Grand Rapids Community College Board of Trustees is pleased to endorse the commitment of the College to participate in the Achieving the Dream Initiative; and

WHEREAS, this initiative supports the mission of GRCC to provide the community with learning opportunities that enable all people to achieve their goals; and

WHEREAS, senior leadership at the College, with support from the Board of Trustees and faculty, commit to making the changes in policy and resource allocation necessary to improve student outcomes; and

WHEREAS, the College is committed to using longitudinal student cohort data and other evidence to identify gaps in student achievement and develop an informed understanding of our institutional weaknesses with respect to student achievement problems; and

WHEREAS, the College is committed to promoting whole campus engagement by convening a core team of key administrative leaders, faculty, staff, students, and other internal and external stakeholders who will facilitate the Achieving the Dream initiative at GRCC; and

WHEREAS, the college is committed to taking the steps necessary for continuous, systemic institutional improvement demonstrated by the allocation of resources in support of effective policies and practices related to Achieving the Dream; and

WHEREAS, College leadership, including the Board of Trustees, is committed to sustaining the project over the long term and to secure sufficient resources for bringing projects to scale and growing those innovations that are successful;

NOW, THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, the Grand Rapids Community College Board of Trustees, on behalf of the College, is committed to adopting the polices and practices set forth in the Achieving the Dream model. We are excited to begin the process of making lasting changes in policies, programs, structures and services that will work in an integrated fashion to support success for all students.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that this Resolution be printed in the official proceedings of the Board of Trustees.


February 15, 2010

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