Photos: Adjunct Faculty Learning Day (2/13/10)

GRCC Adjunct Faculty Learning Day

On Saturday, February 13, Adjunct Faculty gathered for the second in a series of three Learning Day Saturdays this semester. Dr. Steve Ender welcomed the group to a morning of sessions that included Academic Service Learning: Curriculum Integration, by Dr. Mindy Firlan, Director of Academic Service Learning and students Tiffany Falcon-Ewigleben and Robert Riggio;   And Nobody Said Anything: Uncomfortable Conversations about Diversity, by Kathleen Owens, Counseling and Career Center;  Student Classroom Behavior: A Case Study Experience  by Sara Dorer, Associate Director of Student Conduct and Student Satisfaction Initiatives; Collaborative Learning with Steve Abid, Professor/Department Head of Social Sciences; and Partnering with Academic Support: Services and Strategies by Raju Hedge, Associate Director of Tutorial and Testing Services.  The event was coordinated by Ann Alexander, Associate Professor of Business and Adjunct Faculty Development Facilitator.

The next Adjunct Faculty Learning Day will be held on the morning of Saturday, March 27, beginning with a student panel discussion, followed by a choice of two breakout sessions with topics including General Learner Outcomes, Faculty Advising, Generational Differences, Using the Library, and Critical Thinking.  Watch your email for more details.

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