Race and Ethnicity Conference (2/18/10-2/24/10)

Marie Price, Ph.D. (George Washington University)

Marie Price, Ph.D. (George Washington University)

GRCC’s Social Science department is hosting a “Race and Ethnicity Conference” from February 18 – 24.  The event will feature a variety of speakers including Marie Price, Ph.D., Laurie Foster, Sarah Krajewski, Tim Hoving, Matt Douglas, Ph.D., Dan Lerner, Ph.D., Gordon Olson, Gordon Vusuvic, Phong Pham, Lisa Gloege, Ph. D., David Pilgrim, Ph.D., Susan Williams, Robert Hendershot, Ph.D., Mike Light, and Mike DeVivo.

For the full schedule and more information, visit www.grcc.edu/raceconference

All Events in Calkins Science Center Auditorium (SCIE 348) and are sponsored by the GRCC Social Sciences Department, the International Geographical Honor Society, and Pearson Education Publishing. Special thanks to the Gilda Gely, Ph.D (Provost: GRCC), Patti Trepkowski (Associate Provost: GRCC), and GRCC Diversity Learning Center. Download Brochure (.pdf) | Registration Form

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