Faculty/Community Partner Meet-and-Greet

Join the Academic Service Learning Center, Friday, March 19th from 11am-1pm, for an information session with their Community Partners.  They will have approximately 20 partners in attendance sharing the mission of their work, past involvement with Academic Service Learning and current needs within their respective organizations.  Our goals and objectives are to:

  • Provide a forum for community partner and faculty interaction at a convenient location
  • Share the mission of community partners to identify possible linkages
  • Learn about past projects to stimulate ideas for future Academic Service Learning projects
  • Learn current needs of community partners to assess goodness of fit with course outcomes
  • Allow time for faculty and community partners to converse one on one to develop project ideas
  • Share a meal, embrace our community, and celebrate the difference faculty and students make in the lives of others through Academic Service Learning.

The first hour and 15 minutes will include welcome, community partner presentations, and faculty description of projects. At 12:15 lunch will be served and community partners, staff and faculty will be given the reminder of the time to eat and discuss potential synergies.

Please RSVP to Amy (asprouse@grcc.edu) to confirm your attendance. Our community partners make an important contribution to the learning of our students. Please come to learn how your class can get involved in the community.

Follow-up steps:

  1. Send an e-mail to Amy to confirm your attendance (asprouse@grcc.edu).
  2. Attend the meeting on March 19th!

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