Psychology Lecture Series: Hypnosis: It’s Not Just a Stage Act (3/18)

The Psychology Department will present another in its Psychology Speakers series with Hypnosis: It’s Not Just a Stage Act on Thursday, Mar 18th, 1:15 – 2:45 in the 168 Applied Technology Center.  The lecture will feature M ichael Kivinen, M.A., L.L.P., C.Ht.

Mr. Kivinen is a therapist at West Brook Recovery Center and also works privately under the business name Holistic Hypnosis Services. He holds a Michigan limited license in psychology and is a certified hypnotherapist. He will provide a brief history of hypnosis, including an overview of its waxing and waning status and perceived credibility; explore difficulties defining hypnosis and address misconceptions; touch briefly on comparatively recent research findings that support its therapeutic value; and discuss several applications of hypnosis in treating specific psychological disorders, including anxiety and addiction.  For more information (including streaming video of past lectures, visit

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