Photos: Student Employment Services Job Fair

Student Employment Services Job Fair 2010

Student Employment Services (SES) held their 4th annual Spring Job Fair on Wednesday, March 17.  Seventeen employers were present, representing over 300 jobs.  SES estimates that 400-500 students attended this event.  Overall, feedback from students and employers was extremely positive! Below are some highlights:


  • “I feel that this was a wonderful opportunity for any and everyone who is in search of employment”
  • “I feel it was exceptionally prompt, informational, and helpful”
  • “Every booth I attended was able to share information about their company and allow me to make the decision of giving a resume.”
  • “Very worthwhile”


  • “Spoke to 50- 100 students. Our Company loves to hire students especially from GRCC.”
  • “We received over 60 applications and I have set up interviews with 5 qualified applicants so far!”
  • “I enjoyed meeting with a large variety of people with varied backgrounds and ages.”

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