The ‘Learning Academy’ is now ‘Employee Professional Development & Enrichment’

The ‘Learning Academy for Faculty and Staff’ is now called ‘Employee Professional Development & Enrichment’ and is located on the 4th Floor of College Park Plaza. Members of this department include: Steve Wagner (Executive Director of Organizational Learning,, Liz Timmer (Coordinator,, MaryBeth VanTill (Staff Facilitator,, and Pam DeGryse (Education Support Professional,

Employee Professional Development & Enrichment will continue to facilitate improvement at GRCC by offering professional development opportunities, promoting employee enrichment, and enhancing work-group effectiveness.

This work includes:

  • New employee on-boarding
  • Training to enhance
    • Work-related competencies (e.g., Best Practices for Meetings)
    • Technology skills (e.g., Microsoft Office, Groupwise)
    • Social skills (e.g., Collaborative Communication)
    • Institutional functioning and change (e.g., M & C Performance Evaluation)
    • Risk management (e.g., Sexual Harassment)
    • Compliance with legally-mandated knowledge/skills (e.g., Right to Know)
  • GRCC’s Leadership Institute
  • Rewards and Recognition
  • Employee Wellness
  • Personal Enrichment

Continue to watch GRCC Today for employee learning opportunities as well as the other programs formerly part of the Learning Academy or go to for full program offerings and information (note: our website will be updated in the near future).  Faculty professional development will now be coordinated by The Center for Teaching Excellence under the direction of Dr. Ric Underhile.

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