MCCVLC Learning Opportunities for GRCC Employees

As members of the MCCVLC, GRCC employees are entitled to take part in these free training events.  There is no charge, however you will need to register to be able to participate.  Event information and registration can be found at: and click on UPCOMING EVENTS.
Taming the Tornado:  Free Web Tools for Very Busy People | April 13, 2010   1-2pm

Organize/ Prioritize. Remind. Properly applied, these principles can prevent shoddy work, botched assignments, and forgotten promises. Technology can add to the whirlwind – appointments, deadlines, obligations – but certain tools can help reduce the tornado to the occasional squall. Todd McCann will introduce participants to several Web-based and stand-alone productivity applications – Remember the Milk, Google apps, Broadtexter, ReQall – and demonstrate how students, instructors, and administrators can use them effectively.

Mobile Applications for Your College | April 16, 2010  11 am – noon

Grand Rapids Community College has just published a free iPhone application (version for Blackberry and Droid too) for students. In addition to general information about the college the new “GRCC Mobile” application offers a variety of features including: door to door directions around campus, parking locations (with real-time updates on availability), faculty absence updates, access to Blackboard, among others.

Learn how GRCC developed this application and see how your college could benefit from a similar application at your institution.

Organize your Digital Self | April 22, 2010    3-4 pm

Going “digital” can be a bit overwhelming. How do you keep track of your links, files, blogs, email, and Web site materials? How do you go about organizing and sifting through the vast array of resources on the Internet and turning them into an easy-to-use and coherent set of learning materials for the classroom or online environment? People always tell me that they can’t believe I get so much done – it’s easy if you have the right tools!

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