Wellness Opportunity: Neither Pudgy nor Bulky

Neither Pudgy nor Bulky or cardiovascular vs strength training for maximum fat loss – Friday, April 16, 2010  9:30-11 a.m.  This course is an overview of the differences between the effects of cardiovascular training and resistance training on the body and its fat burning processes including examples of both types of fitness routines and the tools necessary to measure their effectiveness.

Participants will be able to:

  • Recognize the major components of health-related physical fitness.
  • Define aerobic exercise and name at least five different types of aerobic activities.
  • Calculate target heart rates and their use for optimum aerobic training
  • Define and understand the impact of resistance training on fat loss
  • Differentiate between isometric and isotonic forms of resistance training.
  • Compare the immediate and long-term effects of cardio and strength training
  • Define the essential components of optimum fat loss focused fitness regime
  • Design a 15 min. personalized desk-side workout routine

Target Audience: anybody interested in exploring exercise for body fat loss.  Register at www.grcc.edu/currentlearning

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