Karen Ender Welcomes Business Alliance Neighbors to Wealthy Learning Corner

Karen Ender Speaks to Business Alliance Neighbors About GRCC's Learning Corner @ Wealthy

Sandwiched between all the activities and last-minute preparations for Commencement 2010 on the main campus, Karen Ender and the Wealthy Learning Corner staff were busy hosting the Wealthy St. Business Alliance, a group of the businesses along and near the Wealthy St. corridor and a division of the city’s Neighborhood Business Alliance.

Karen presented a brief overview about the role of the WLC within the college and that neighborhood, as well as the impact it can have on the larger community.

Karen has become quite familiar with the workings of the WLC and the people who go there. She came one time to help with an orientation and now participates regularly as a presenter and a tutor.

“From the first time she came, people really took to her and she took to them,” says Dave Selmon, director of GRCC’s two Learning Corners. “She sits right down with our students to ask them what is next in their education,” says Selmon. “We want students to be proud of finishing their GED, but we don’t want them to think that is the end. Education is a life-long pursuit.”

Karen is clearly committed to the work. While everyone snacked on refreshments from Sandmann’s – a renowned BBQ eatery right across the street and also a business alliance member, she moved from table to table to welcome everyone and telling each group about the WLC students, goals, history – and how much she loves the work she’s doing.

“I’m so lucky to be part of this great team,” she says. “The work is so important and I just enjoy being here.”

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