Partnership Earns State Award

Our Learning Corners are in the news again this week. David Selmon and his team went to the annual Michigan Adult Education and Training Conference (MAETC) in Kalamazoo last week to receive an award for the work GRCC has done to educate adults through its No Worker Left Behind (NWWLB) demonstration grant. Susan Ledy, director of the Literacy Center of West Michigan (LCWM) , a valuable partner with GRCC in the grant, was also able to bring several of her staff. Renee Steel, vice president at Huntington Bank, the Wealthy Learning Corner’s original and still-strong partner, also attended.

Dianne Duthie, Director of Lifelong learning for the Michigan Department of Energy, Labor, &Economic Growth (DELEG), and Erica Nakfoor, also from DELEG, were on hand to present an award to partners who advanced the goals of the NWLB mission.

Learning Corner Partnership Wins Award

In the photo, left to right, are: Erica Nakfoor, DELEG; Linda Spoelman, GRCC; David Selmon, GRCC; Susan Ledy, LCWM; Dianne Duthie, DELEG; Kristin Ekkens, GRCC; Vera Grishkina, LCWM; Theresa Williams, GRCC; Renee Steel, Huntington Bank.

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