GRCC in the News: 5/18/10

GRCC announces $30 million fundraising campaign for campus building renovations [Correction Pending]
By Dave Murray | The Grand Rapids Press | May 18, 2010, 9:00AM

GRAND RAPIDS — Grand Rapids Community College leaders said they will announce today key details about the funding for a planned $30 million campaign to renovate several campus buildings. College leaders since November have been seeking community donors to raise $15 million for a series of projects, including upgrades to the two main classroom buildings, as well as the East Fulton Street campus acquired last year from Davenport University.   (More)

Grand Rapids Community College President Steven Ender declines $10,000 raise
By Dave Murray | The Grand Rapids Press | May 18, 2010, 7:21AM

GRAND RAPIDS — Grand Rapids Community College President Steven Ender says he will turn down a $10,000 raise offered by college trustees because he knows other employees are facing salary freezes tied to declining revenue. “I have to be an example,” he said after Monday’s meeting, where trustees signed off on a glowing evaluation of Ender’s first year on the job. “We’re looking at some difficult financial times, and there are some things downstream that will require some people to make some sacrifices.”  (More)

IT & DLIT Present “Made for Learning: Apple in Higher Education”

GRCC’s IT and Distance Learning and Instructional Technologies departments are presenting “Made for Learning: Apple in Higher Education,” a 2 1/2 hour workshop engaging Apple in Higher Education.  See how Apple products make learning more engaging and accessible than ever.  Today, students are learning in more places than just the classroom, and educators are finding new ways to reach them anytime, anywhere.

At this event, you’ll learn how Mac, iPod, and iPhone make collaboration, content creation, and distribution easier than ever before. And how Apple products can assist students on their path toward becoming future business leaders, creative professionals, educators, scientists, engineers, and more.

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Coming to Grand Rapids Community College | May 21, 2010 | Learning Center, Room 123 | 9:00am – 11:30am

Formation Retreat for GRCC Staff 6/20/10 – 6/22/10

5:00 pm, Sunday, June 20, 2010 thru 1:00 pm, Tuesday, June 22, 2010 | Gilchrist Retreat Center near Three Rivers, Mi.

Based on the work of Dr. Parker Palmer and informed by practices in holistic health, art therapy, and psychology; Formation retreats are designed as a place for the renewal of mind, heart and spirit. Without abandoning the outer world, Formation is the process of creating a quiet, focused, and disciplined space in which the noise within us and around us can subside so that the inner voice of authenticity and integrity might be heard. During the retreats, we join together to:

  • connect as a group with the traditional wisdom of poets, storytellers, and artists
  • collaborate with others around personal experiences and insights
  • contemplate our inner beliefs through intervals of solitary reflection

This retreat is for the staff of the college. This would be defined as non-faculty, non-administrative leadership employees.


A. Renewing heart, mind, and spirit through the exploration of the inner landscape of an educator’s life
B. Reconnecting to one’s identity and integrity; identifying and honoring gifts and strengths, and acknowledging limits
C. Creating a context for careful listening and deep connection that also honors diversity in person and profession
D. Helping educators create trustworthy spaces for teaching and learning-with students and colleagues, and within the college and its community
E. Exploring the connection between attending to the inner dimension of self, teaching, learning and the continuing renewal of Grand Rapids Community College

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GRCC TV Special Programming Schedule: 5/13/10-5/30/10

The local programming schedule for GRCC’s College Channel has been updated.  We’re kicking off summer with a brand new episode of Cooking with Angus and many favorite and requested programs including the Diversity lecture series speaker Angela Davis. Most programs can be found on our Youtube channel at and the attached schedule can be found at

(Diversity Conversation: Social Justice Activists Brigitte Cazalis-Collins and Joseph Collins – Interviewed by Helen Brinkman, Kent County Prosecuting Attorney)