GRCC in the News: 6/25/10

Michigan program to fund training for 1,100 GM workers at LCC – Withholding taxes from new jobs will pay tab
Matthew Miller •une 25, 2010 • From Lansing State Journal

General Motors Co. is in the process of contracting with Lansing Community College to provide training for the 1,100 or so workers brought on earlier this year when it added a third shift at the Lansing Delta Township assembly plant. […] “In the legislation, it talks about putting a lien on a company’s business to support the loan, and there is no business and no bank we found that would do that, especially in manufacturing,” said Julie Parks, director of workforce training at Grand Rapids Community College.  (More)

Should community colleges cut sports programs in tough times?
Published: Thursday, June 24, 2010, 3:20 PM | Dave Murray | The Grand Rapids Press

Should community colleges scale back or even eliminate their sports programs in tough economic times?  A part of last week’s debate at Grand Rapids Community College was whether part of the institution’s mission is to enlighten and inform people beyond those paying tuition.  The three programs trustee Richard Ryskamp questioned amount to about $60,000. But this year the college plans to spend $590,000 on its sports programs.  (More)