Thanks, Kudos and a Salute to Bob Thorpe

This heads-up and Raider Salute comes from Dan Cook in the IT department:

“If you see Bob Thorpe today, join the IT department in thanking him for his work over the last three years.  You may see him from time to time over the summer to help out with special projects, but he is headed south for retirement come winter.  To ensure we can continue to meet your cabling and phone needs in a timely manner, please remember to alert ITHELP to any service requests as far in advance as possible.

2 thoughts on “Thanks, Kudos and a Salute to Bob Thorpe

  1. Bob, we took a vote yesterday and here’s the news: either you stay or we all move south with you. Can’t even imagine future movement without you to smile and say “No problem.” Thank you for everything and have a happy and healthy retirement. You deserve it.

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