Farewell to Donna Adams in the Nursing Department

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This sendoff comes courtesy of Cora Beute in the Nursing Programs (Click Here for a Special Version of \”Oh Donna\” Written to say Farewell):

“Donna has taught in GRCC’s nursing programs for 34 years. She has an incredible memory, is our unofficial historian, and seems to know everyone and everything of significance that has happened at GRCC over her years here. She also has a wicked sense of humor, and a magical ability to produce a cartoon from her files that explains almost any question or situation that occurs in life. Donna isn’t a dull, quiet person who just nods and listens; she speaks her mind….rapidly and in exquisite detail. She has been our curriculum guru and bargain hunter extrordinaire, and is much smarter than any rocket scientist (no sibling rivalry allowed in Donna’s family!). If you want to get hold of Donna next week, you may find her at a water aerobics or water color class, designing a pottery project, or sewing up that perfect something for her home…. or maybe for my home? What do you think of that Donna? You are going to be missed!”

From Payroll/Benefits: Change in Definitions for FSAs

Effective, January 1, 2011 under Healthcare Reform, the definition of a qualified medical expense for purposes of FSAs will be limited to prescribed medications and insulin. Therefore, as of January 1, 2011 over the counter items will no longer be reimbursable under any Flexible Spending plan. Over the counter items include: antacids, antiseptic ointment, allergy medicine, pain relievers, stomach remedies etc.

Note:  Prescribed medication includes medications that are also available over the counter as long as the medication requires a prescription for the covered individual.

Ford Fieldhouse Fire Alarm Tests Thursday/Friday (8/5/10-8/6/10)

The fire alarms may be tested Thursday 8/5/10 in advance of the fire marshal’s visit Friday 8/6/10. It will certainly be tested Friday when he is here.  His inspection is scheduled for 2:00 p.m. Friday. The time of the actual test may vary slightly. It is recommended if alarm sounds for longer than 30 seconds, you should evacuate as though it were a real emergency.