Updated GRCC Policies

GRCC has one new policy and two updated policies online for review. The policies are a new Sexual Harassment Policy, revised Harassment Policy and revised Development and Issuance of College Policies.  These policies can be viewed at  www.grcc.edu/approvedpolicies

Important changes:

Development and Issuance of College Administrative Policies (Revised):

Simplifies policy development and revision process.  Modifies membership of Policy Advisory Committee to include representatives from each of the College’s bargaining groups.  Differentiates the processes for developing administrative policies and for developing academic polices, consistent with AGC by-laws.

Sexual Harassment Policy (NEW):

Sexual Harassment is a form of harassment that has always been prohibited by GRCC’s College Harassment policy as well as State and Federal law. A separate Sexual Harassment Policy has been developed to provide greater clarity about what constitutes prohibited sexual harassment.

-Consensual Relationships

The new Sexual Harassment Policy prohibits consensual sexual or dating relationships where there is an institutional power difference between the parties involved.  Relationships with this power disparity may cast doubt on the objectivity of the supervision and evaluation provided, and may result in claims of sexual harassment and questions about the voluntariness of the relationship.

-Duty to Report

Any Supervisor who receives or becomes aware of a complaint of sexual harassment or other violation of this policy should report the complaint to the Office of the General Counsel as soon as possible and normally within three workdays. All complaints of sexual harassment, investigation documents and documents relative to the resolution of the complaint will be maintained in a confidential file in the Office of General Counsel.

-False Statements

Knowingly making false allegations of sexual harassment or providing evidence with the knowledge that it is false is also a violation of this policy and will subject a person to disciplinary action.

-Disclosure of Current Prohibited Consensual relationships

In the event that a prohibited consensual relationship is in existence at the time of the adoption of this policy, the supervisor must disclose the relationship to the appropriate supervisor and initiate arrangements to address any conflict of interest issues.

Harassment Policy:

GRCC’s Harassment Policy continues to remain in effect (and has been updated) to proscribe all forms of harassment, including bullying.

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