Important Printer / Multi-Print Update

Print Solutions has signed a new printer contract with Cannon. This contract will bring ease of printing, more privacy and much needed new printers to campuses for both students, faculty and staff. What does this mean for you? In the next few weeks we will be completing an assessment of your printing needs to determine which type of printer(s) you will be receiving. We will be creating a video and fact sheet explaining all of the new and amazing printing capabilities we will have with our new partnership.

One very exciting aspect of the new system is that multi-function machines will now “wait” to print your project until you are right at the machine – ANY machine – you are near. This means if you have a print job and you send it to the Multi-Function machine – all machines will patiently wait for you to enter your code or swipe your Raidercard and the job will be charged to your department account AND will be printed immediately from the machine you are using. No more going to one specific machine! We will also still have the printing / copy machines (non-multi functioning with scanning/etc.) installed as well.

Please know that we do understand many of you are waiting for new printers and new service on existing printers. We will be making the changeover soon and will be continuing service on machines you have while we assess and then make the switchover.

Thank you for your excitement and patience as we improve our service to you and GRCC.

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