10 Reasons why you Should “Live United” and Give to United Way!

1) United Way is in the unique position of being able to connect people through giving, volunteering and advocating to make a difference in our community

2) There is strength in numbers; together we can accomplish much more than any one group on its own.

3) United Way focuses its efforts on education, income and health, which are the building blocks to a good life.

4) United Way provides people with countless opportunities to give, advocate and volunteer to build a better, stronger community by working together.

5) United Way has 92 years of experience in this community and partners with many organizations to make sure we are all maximizing our strengths and our resources.

6) Payroll deductions through your employer make it easy, convenient and “painless” to give; plus, your dollars go farther when combined with others.

7) United Way’s 2-1-1 free referral hotline is a lifesaver to people in need, connecting them to the right agencies that can help them in their particular situation.

8) We fund programs such as Schools of Hope and First Steps that focus on prevention with a goal of solving problems before they begin. And they are achieving measurable results.

9) United Way funds 116 programs at 51 agencies, helping people of all ages and backgrounds, from seniors needing meals to babies needing health care.

10) You can be confident your donation will be well spent; partner programs meet strict guidelines and must prove exactly how they improve lives.

GRCC’s campaign begins November 1st. More information to follow.

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