Photos: Preschool Students Learn Biology With Prof. Matt Douglas


On October 12, the 4-year-old Bear Room children watched as Professor Matthew Douglas’s class dissected squids. The children also explored the great variety of animals/specimens that are available in the Zoology Lab. The children were excited to have such a unique experience. They were able to use the microscope to look at the mouth of a squid and see the eyeball up close. They learned that you can actually write your name using the ink from the ink-sack from the squid. They also discovered that the squid actually has a beak that they use to eat their food.

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2 thoughts on “Photos: Preschool Students Learn Biology With Prof. Matt Douglas

  1. As a mother of a preschool student in GRCCs program, I so appreciate opportunities for our children to explore science hands-on. Children learn by doing and witnessing first hand the amazing wonders our world holds. Kudos to GRCC and the Preschool program for sharing these types of experiences with the kids!

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