GRCC in the News: 10/27/10

Grand Rapids Community College kindly requests campus civility
Published: Tuesday, October 26, 2010, 12:55 PM | Dave Murray | The Grand Rapids Press

GRAND RAPIDS — As the dwindling days of the election season bring debates and ads crackling with nastiness, Grand Rapids Community College leaders say they’re hoping to create an oasis of civility.  Starting this week, every staff member will have a copy of P.M. Forni’s book “Choosing Civility,” and are urged to adopt the author’s 25 rules in classes as well as interacting with each other.   (More)

Local Persian fare tantalizes tastebuds
by Jessalyn Richter | This article was written and edited by Bart Boorsma, Brittney Frye, Kailey Smith, Rachelle Van Dyke and Wes Vos for EN 101-1300 at GRCC.

You don’t have to go to Persia to get a Mediterranean experience. At Shiraz Grille in Grand Rapids, authentic food brings you to the heart of the Mediterranean, making you feel as though you can smell the salt from the sea and feel the cooling Mediterranean breeze on your skin.  This restaurant offers cuisine with a variety of different depths of flavor that nearly everyone will enjoy.  (More)

Kent County tornado warning lifted, but watch extended to 6 p.m.
Published: Tuesday, October 26, 2010, 11:48 AM  | Nate Reens | The Grand Rapids Press

GRAND RAPIDS — The National Weather Service has lifted its tornado warning for Kent County, but the tornado watch was extended until 6 p.m.  There have been no reports of tornado activity, but the line of storms, called the strongest in a decade, continue to show that potential, meteorologists said. […] Hospitals, Grand Rapids Community College and other workplaces were affected.  (More)

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