Raider Salute to Organizers of Moral Ground Town Hall

This Raider Salute comes from Moss Ingram:

I would like to provide a hearty Raider Salute to everyone who helped orchestrate a most successful Moral Ground Town Hall event on Tuesday evening. First and foremost, I would like thank Maryann Lesert, who organized and facilitated the evening, which featured the authors and editors of The Moral Ground, Kathleen Dean Moore and Michael P. Nelson, along with live music from Big Dudee Roo. I would like to thank Dr. Ender for providing his perspective on sustainability at GRCC, our greater community, and the Moral Ground question: Do we have a moral and ethical responsibility to preserve the Earth for future generations? I would also like to give many thanks to Duane, Tim, Kelly, and Ben in Media Services, and Shelly and Catie in providing support at Spectrum Theater. I would also like to give very special thanks to Chef Nancy and Aaron Chew for providing a sustainable menu of locally grown, organic, vegetarian treats, along with free trade tea and coffee, and thanks to the entire Food Services team.

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