United Way Campaign: How the UW is Accountable

If you have not returned your pledge forms for United Way please do so as our campaign is coming to a close, November 12th (send forms to your team captain or Mansfield Matthewson). Ever wonder how United Way and its funding agencies are accountable to donors?

Heart of West Michigan United Way’s operating budget is audited by an independent accounting firm and is carefully review by the members of the United Way Finance and Audit Committee and Board of Directors.

All agencies and programs requesting United Way funding also undergo careful, regular and in-depth financial review by experienced and trained volunteers and professional staff who review audited statements and budget documents. In addition, agencies must report annually about the impact of their programs and services. all United Way-funded agencies must be registered 501(c) 3 agencies, and must abide by the U.S. charitable laws.

United Way Campaign - Cup of Coffee

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