GRCC Upward Bound Volunteers Cook Soul Food Lunch

Upward Bound Soul Food Lunch

On Nov 13, 2010, students in the Upward Bound program cooked a wonderful soul food lunch for the families staying in the Ronald McDonald House of West Michigan (RMHWM). The Ronald McDonald House of West Michigan is a non-profit organization that houses families, free of charge, that have a child in their family seeking medical attention. Most of the services provided to the house are volunteer driven. They includes maintenance, upkeep, meals, etc.

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On the day of the community service event the students were paired into teams of two consisting of an upper class and a lower class. In these teams students had to create a soul food dish from scratch. For some students this was a difficult challenge because it was their first time cooking anything besides Ramon Noodles and pizza rolls, so the finished result was a rewarding experience.

The soul food menu included greens, mac & cheese, Bar BQ and baked chicken, cornbread, Kool-Aid, homemade cookies and tossed salad. Yummy. The families and volunteers were very grateful that the students fixed the wonderful lunch for the house and invited the students back for another opportunity to help out. Upward Bound will make a trip to the Ronald McDonald house 2 more times as a community service project.

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