Photos: Upward Bound “Making the Leap”

GRCC Upward Bound Program Participates in "Making the Leap"

On November 19th 2010, students from the GRCC Upward Bound program participated in the “Making the Leap Program.” The Making the Leap program is a service learning project that helps build students leadership skills, confidence and presentation skills. Before students could participate in the program they had to attend a number of workshops that helped prepare them to make a solid presentation.

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The program was designed and coordinated by the VISTA volunteer Brian Williams who had a vision, “The students wanted to do a project that would give back to the community before they graduated, and they wanted to target younger students. With the help of the Upward Bound students we came up with this idea to have the college bound students give advice on making a good transition from middle school to high school. I wanted the students to share experiences that they thought should be handed down and useful for those incoming freshmen.”

GRCC Upward Bound students had to design a 10-15 min presentation on a topic that they felt should be middle school appropriate. The students really enjoyed the experience. We are planning on doing a tour across the city of Grand Rapids to help motivate and encourage students to make healthy choices on staying in school and becoming great leaders.

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