So, What’s up With the new Copiers/Printers?

Well some of you have already received a present in your work area and others will be seeing their present before the shutdown. What is that present you ask? It is a new multifunction device, copier/printer that will copy, print, scan, and fax.  This device holds a new way of getting:

  • Your documents on paper
  • In database storage, image now
  • Sending an email or fax and
  • Yes even double sided prints, called duplexing
  • Assisting in the efforts to work environmentally smarter.

Another wonderful feature is the ability to swipe your Raider Card, choose:

  • Department-for business copy/printing
  • Personal- No more figuring out how to pay for that personal print or waiting in line at the cashiers to make that payment.

Don’t worry if you forget to bring that ID in from your car, you can also log in just like you do in the morning to start your computer.

When will you be able to start using your present?

Canon Business Solutions will be on campus this week and next to set-up, already chosen test sites, so that our hard working IT department can test the software they have been so busy putting together the past few weeks. Thank you IT team.  The goal is to:

  • Have labs loaded and ready for the start-up of the Winter Semester
  • Lab Coordinators trained
  • Lab Coordinators ready to assist students in this new technology
  • The remainder of staff office areas set-up after semester start-up replacing the HP9040 models first with the remainder models to follow, unless your HP device dies first
  • Each area scheduled ahead of time to let you know what date and time the new device will be implemented.
  • A trained Canon representative to train staff.
  • A video you can watch on your computer and then give it a try if you can not make the training session
  • If you still need some assistance, your office ESP will gladly assist you or the instructions at the device should guide you through the basic process.

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