Ed Sosa Transitions to Student Life

Student Life is pleased to welcome a new team member. Beginning January 3rd, Ed Sosa, Associate Director of New Student Orientation & First Year Experience, will report to Student Life. This move will align Ed’s work in leading orientation and first year experience programs with Student Life’s efforts to increase GRCC’s overall focus on new student success.

2 thoughts on “Ed Sosa Transitions to Student Life

  1. Thank you to the many who are expressing congratulations. Just an FYI -This change is not a new job. New Student Orientation originally was housed under Counseling, Advising and Retention Services. The college has determined that Student Life is a better home for orientation, therefore I am physically moving to Student Life and will now report to Eric Mullen. One of my reponsibilities is to expand New Student Orientation to a year-round program for student who are beginning GRCC in the fall, winter or summer semester.

    • I am looking for Ed Sosa who made visits to Hamilton High School for Upward Bound when I was a counselor at HHS

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