New Copier/Printers Are Here

Yes the new Canon copier/printers are all here and are placed in several areas around campus just waiting for the next process. The first phase of the rollout is starting this week with student labs being prepared for the semester start-up this Friday.  The Process will be:

  • Labs loaded and ready for the start-up this Friday.
  • Lab Coordinators trained.
  • Lab Coordinators and Canon Reps ready to assist students.
  • The remainder of staff office areas set-up after semester start-up replacing the HP9040 models first with the remainder models to follow, unless your HP device dies first.
  • Each area scheduled ahead of time to let you know what date and time the new device will be implemented.
  • A trained Canon representative to train staff.
  • A video you can watch on your computer and then give it a try if you can not make the training session.
  • If you still need some assistance, your office ESP will gladly assist you or the instructions at the device should guide you through the basic process.

Please remember to contact ITHELP when you have an issue with your copier/printer so they can start a ticket and have a service person work on your issue.

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