Raider Salute to Gail Brown

This salute came from Stewart Krulikoski:

“I want to thank Gail Brown for being so dedicated to student success that she worked from home on her own time during the Holiday Shut-Down to update the GRCC Bookstore with textbook information for adjunct faculty. Her efforts allowed the GRCC Bookstore to place orders for books and arrange the textbook area in preparation for the campus opening January 3rd and the start of classes only 4 days later.”

3 thoughts on “Raider Salute to Gail Brown

  1. Please forward my thanks for Gail for doing this for the adjunct faculty. Gail was an A student, of course, in my BA 101 Business and Technical Writing course during the summer, 2010. She was a wonderful student and individual.

    Thank you for your above contribution, Gail! The adjunct faculty will really benefit from your hard work!

    Mary Kearney
    Adjunct Faculty, Business Department

  2. I’d like to second that salute. Gail has always been responsive and supportive to my requests even during the overly hectic periods of the semester.

    The success of our department relies heavily on her strong organization and communication skills.

    Thank you, Gail!


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