Service Learning Calendar of Opportunities for Students

Faculty, please make your students aware of the following ASLC learning opportunities available. Feel free to contact the ASLC for assistance in developing curriculum integration for each event.

Pass It Forward Sat., Feb. 26 10am-4pm, SCC Multi-Purpose Room (GRCC Downtown Campus)

Join us to Pass it Forward to our community! We will meet in the Multi-Purpose room to kick-off this fun service experience. The ASLC will present a menu of service projects close to campus. Each small group will get to choose a service project from the menu or create their own with the groups unique ideas, talents and passions. The aim is to create a chain reaction of good deeds and improve our community one person at a time. You can register for this event at

Earth Day Clean-Up Friday, April 15, 9am-3pm, location TBA

Earth Day is a time when people celebrate and renew their personal commitment to environmental stewardship. Join us to raise public awareness and take action to clean our local area in an effort to take better care of the planet we all call home!

The Academic Service Learning Center will celebrate Earth Day with a community clean up in downtown Grand Rapids. Students, faculty, staff, community members, and guests will meet to learn a little more about how our clean-up will affect our planet for future generations. Groups of 10 will meet and be assigned downtown areas to clean-up. You can register for this event at

Relay for Life Fri.-Sat., June 10-11 3pm-3pm, Ah Nab Awen Park (303 Pearl Street NW, Grand Rapids)

Team-up with GRCC to celebrate the lives of people who have battled cancer, remember loved ones lost, and fight back against the disease. You could bring your class or department for any amount of time (from an hour to the full 24) to take part in this event. Please request additional information by contacting Kelsey at the information listed below.

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