Campus Wide Information System (CWIS) is being Upgraded This Semester

The Campus Wide Information System (CWIS), i.e. PeopleSoft, is being upgraded this academic year. Leaders of the Upgrade Team include Peggy Gorno, David Anderson, and Jody Graves. It is important that employees who regularly use the CWIS as part of their work pay attention to communications about the upgrade process. Please contact Peggy, David, or Jody if you have questions about the upgrade.

Important dates in the upgrade timeline include:

  • Now through April, 2011: New System Available for End User Testing
  • Mid-March through early-April 2011: End User Training (watch GRCC Today for announcements)
  • Go Live: April 14 – April 18

Upgrading the CWIS involves taking data from our current system and putting it in the new system and doing extensive testing. The new systems will include many enhancements, such as:

  • Improved menus and navigation
  • Enhanced Features for Academic Advising and Degree Audit
  • Added flexibility for Transcript Design, Class Permissions, and Service Indicators
  • The capability to identify sets of individual or organizational IDs and use the results within other applications through the new Population Selection process
  • Connected Query for joining or nesting multiple queries

If you are unfamiliar with wide range of uses of the CWIS at GRCC, a video explaining many of its functions can be viewed here.

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