HVAC Students tour GRCC Boiler Plant

GRCC Students Tour Boiler Plant 1

Have you ever wondered where the heat comes from that warms your classroom? Don Steeby’s HVAC students got the chance to find out when they toured the GRCC Central Boiler Plant last Tuesday. Steve Schueller with Facilities Maintenance hosted the tour and explained how three jumbo boilers generate enough steam to heat the entire main campus.

These boilers can produce a total of over 51 million BTU’s of steam that travels through over six miles of underground piping to reach every building. Students in ER-135 (Heating Theory) apply the practices they learn in class to repair and maintain heating equipment such as residential and commercial furnaces and boilers.

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5 thoughts on “HVAC Students tour GRCC Boiler Plant

  1. Don does an excellent job of explaining this seemingly complicated mechanism into a usable student understanding of this important process.

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