Be A Steward of Our Planet And Save GRCC Some Green

Think about how many times you have gone to a meeting or a conference on GRCC business, only to arrive and realize someone else from GRCC is there, too!

On our GroupWise Post-It board you will now find an entry called Ride Share. If you are traveling to a meeting, just post where and when you are going so others can contact you about riding. The names of interested riders would come directly to you so you can make all decisions.
Earn $5.00! When you post and find at least one rider, email Sara Yob at , give her your name, the name of the person riding along and where you went, and we’ll forward you a 5 dollar bill! You can do this up to three times.

The $5 incentive is funded by the team’s 1st round prize money ($100) and will expire when we give you all of the money! The second round, and this test run, end on March 1.

This effort is a “proof of concept” trial for GRCC’s Innovation Challenge team focused on reducing reimbursable mileage, so that that money can be transferred to student-oriented programs here at GRCC. Here’s an example of how easy the savings could be accrued: Just two people sharing one round trip to Cadillac, approx. 190 miles, would save about $100 and 200 lbs of CO2.

This pilot program is part of the innovation challenge, and now you are being challenged to participate!

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