GRCC Business Students Helping Low-Income Residents With Tax Preparation 2/26/11

VITA Class - GRCC Business Students Helping With Low-Income Tax Returns

GRCC Business Students are Distinct!  Accounting Instructor, Ann Palenske, CPA continues to demonstrate what makes GRCC Distinct. Thanks to Ann and her BA 268 Income Tax Accounting students, more low-income Kent County citizens are having their taxes prepared for free! Ann has partnered with the Kent County Tax Coalition to assist her students in becoming federally certified and connected to established sites in the community to prepare taxes. Students continue to express the value of receiving such real world experience allowing them to become more marketable in a competitive workforce.

With the assistance of the Academic Service Learning Center, these students will receive an Academic Service Learning Transcript Endorsement. This endorsement sets students apart in the application to transfer institutions and in the workforce. Students are able to learn course outcomes while also meeting an expressed community need. When asked why she goes through all the extra work to provide these opportunities to students, Ann reports, “The depth of learning, the value of working with professionals in the field, and the confidence gained by making a meaningful difference in the community far surpass what I can achieve in the classroom alone.”

Ann’s Accounting Students offer their services to anyone earning under $40,000 per year. Any interested GRCC students can receive free income tax preparation at Steepletown Ministries this Saturday February 26th from 9-12pm and Wednesday March 2nd from 5-8pm.

One thought on “GRCC Business Students Helping Low-Income Residents With Tax Preparation 2/26/11

  1. Hello Ann –

    This would be great information to have availble at the Michigan Works! Service Centers. Also….Michigan Works! Trainers have a financial planning class offered to those that have lost their job. This might be great information to add.

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