Reminder: New or Revised Policies approved by Cabinet Last Week

New or Revised Policies approved by Cabinet 2/22/2011

1. Revised: Investment Policy

  • Updates employee titles.
  • Revises provisions to ensure consistency with legislated changes to the investment statute for Michigan community colleges, effective December of 2009.
  • Provides enhanced flexibility to:Allow the use of financial institutions outside Kent County;
    • Eliminate the requirement to obtain a minimum number of quotes for all investment purchases
    • Allow investment amounts to be based on payroll requirements, available rates and the security of principal.

2. New: Criminal History Check Policy

  • Codifies GRCC’s current practices regarding conducting criminal background checks for new employees and students entering health and education programs as well as the Police Academy.
  • Directs persons to websites where they can obtain more specific information pertaining to unique departmental criminal history screening procedures.

3. Revised: Purchasing Policy

  • Updates supplier non-discrimination clause to match GRCC EEO policy.
  • Modifies language to allow for advertisement /solicitation/acceptance of bids in appropriate media (online – e.g.
  • Adds $25 limit on personal gifts from suppliers.
  • Prohibits the use of College funds to purchase gifts and gift cards except for student incentives. The purchase of gift cards for student incentives requires EBCO approval.
  • Adopts Micro Local Business Enterprise bid discount to provide enhanced competitiveness for suppliers engaging certified MLBEs.
  • Adds language to allow bids to be postponed for extraordinary circumstances (e.g. – extreme weather)

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