Congratulations to Luba Petrash and Stephan Koch on World Art Ice Championships Entry

Luba Petrash and Stephan Koch Competing in the World Ice Art Championships

Congratulations to GRCC’s ATC Head Banquet Chef Luba Petrash and GRCC Alumni Stephan Koch on placing eighth out of 28 teams in the World Ice Art Championships in Fairbanks, Alaska in the “Single Block – Abstract” category. The two competed against teams from around the world (a Russian team took first place) in carving 8′ x 5′ x 3′ blocks of ice into works of art.

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Fascinating facts about the competition:

  • The blocks of ice used for the competition weigh 7,200 lbs each and are mined from a local lake.
  • There were 50 teams total in the “Single Block” competition, 28 of which competed in the “Abstract” category.
  • The competition takes place over 60 hours  (3 days) during which competitors can carve around the clock if they wish.
  • During one day of the competition, the temperature dropped to -35 degrees Fahrenheit, which mean frequent trips to the warming area to dry off the gloves that become soaked during the process.

Not only does Luba oversee the delicious food at the ATC, she also teaches an ice carving class as an adjunct faculty member of GRCC’s Secchia Institute for Culinary education and is a former coach of GRCC’s Ice Carving Team.

Stephan Koch is an alumni of GRCC’s culinary program and owns his own ice carving business in Indiana; the “Indiana Ice Studio” (

Congratulations to Luba and Stephan for putting GRCC on the world stage!

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