Want Timely Updates About the Status of GRCC During Severe Weather? – Sign up for Text Message Alerts

Why are you waiting around in the morning watching a scrolling marquee on your TV to find out if GRCC is open or closed?  Sign up for emergency text message alerts!

Getting notification via text messages is superior to using the local media – here’s why:

  1. Text Messages are Faster: during the last inclement weather cancelation, users subscribed to the text messages/emails received them at 5:46 a.m. – even though that information was sent to the local media around the same time, some news outlets didn’t air it until 6:47 a.m.
  2. Text Messages are More Accurate: just like the child’s game “telephone” – the more people a message goes through, the more chances it has to be misheard or misinterpreted. Text messages come directly from college leadership.

Using Rave Wireless, you can opt to receive either a text message OR an email OR BOTH.  (The college is also looking into providing robo-calls as yet another option).


GRCC will still notify the local media for those who don’t have Internet Access or Cell Phones – but the Emergency Planning Team wants to make sure you have access to this information as quickly as it can be provided.

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