Photos: Crazy Office Olympics

Facilities Bunnies (Small)

Eight teams competed for the honor of being the Craziest Office Olympics Team at the fieldhouse Thursday at high noon. Two teams at a time had to perform a series of feats as they moved down a lane filled with rubber bands, chairs, paper balls and clipboards. The fans were out in number too! When the laughter subsided, Liz Timmer compiled times and Gilda Gely handed out the medals.

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Who won? Who cares – it was 90 minutes of fun. (OK, OK.Financially Nutts got 3rd; Media-Rights, 2nd; and the winners? Lancaster’s Luck!) Special thanks to Angela Zainea, Liz Timmer, Ashlee Pipoly, Bob Lacy, Chiquital Clay, Rick VanderVeen, Sandy Gregory, and Tracy Payne