Beware of the phantoms in your office

A “phantom load” is any appliance or electronic gizmo that uses energy even when turned off.  Some people call them “vampire appliances” or “energy vampires.” Many electronic devices stay on, even when they’re “off.” Chargers for cell phones, digital cameras, and other gadgets draw energy even when they’re not in use. Appliances like televisions, computers, monitors and DVD players can also draw power whenever they’re plugged into an outlet.


You can help GRCC reduce the financial and environmental impact from these “vampire” appliances. If possible, unplugging devices is the simplest way to solve the problem, but can be a hassle. Plugging some of your devices into a surge protector that can be clicked on and off can make things easier.

Here are some clues to identify your energy suckers at home: They’re appliances with remote controls, such as TVs, VCRs and audio equipment. They feature a continuous digital display — like those glowing clocks on stoves. They feature rechargeable batteries, such as cordless phones (which use energy even after the battery is charged). And they’re appliances with external power supplies, such as inkjet printers and iPod chargers.

For more information on GRCC’s Energy Conservation Program please visit

Transfer Fair tomorrow; please inform your students

If you know of any students who are interested in transferring to a 4-year institution, please let them know about the up-coming Transfer Fair on March 24. If you need a flyer to give to students, or if you’re inclined to post this in your class room, visit this link.  (please post link, see poster attached)

This is a great opportunity and resource for our students. Students can learn about transfer requirements, obtain catalogs and other transfer information, and meet with college and university representatives.

When: Thursday, March 24, 2011 from 9:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M.

Where: Wisner-Botrall Applied Technology Center, 151 Fountain NE, on the corner of Fountain and Ransom.

Daily Specials at Art & Bev’s

Art & Bev’s Weekly Specials
Week of 3/21/11

6” B.L.T. Panini Sub …………………$3.50
Soup: Bisque of Butternut Squash/Chicken Noodle..… $2.00
Fried Chicken Drums and Thighs, w/mashed potatoes and corn….$5.00
Soup: Bean w/ Ham/Clam Chowder….…..$2.00

Pasta Bar returns for the next five weeks!!!……$5.00
Chorizo, caramelized onions, tomato, quesadilla………….$5.00
Soup: Potato w/Bacon, Tomato Pesto………………..$2.00

Beef Stroganoff w/Egg Noodles, roll………….…..$5.00
Soups: Broccoli cheddar and Keeping Our Options Open…………………………………….$2.00

Open Tuesday-Friday
10 AM-1 PM

New college channel programming schedule

Below is a listing of the current offerings on the College Channel for the next two weeks. As always you can find the listings and live streaming of the College Channel at also, most programs can be found on our Youtube channel at  Enjoy!

NEW! Cooking With Angus # 85 “An Afternoon With Pete”

Cooking with Angus #84 Turbot

GRCC Board of Trustees Meeting (March, 2011)


NEW! Diversity Lecture Series: Lisa Shannon


NEW! Diversity Conversation: Diversity Conversation: Lisa Shannon and Kathleen Owens


NEW! Preventing and Responding to Disruptive Students In and Out of the Classroom

NEW! Root Camp Part 3 – Jeff Smith


NEW! World Affairs Great Decisions 2011: “Rebuilding Haiti”


NEW! World Affairs Great Decisions 2011: “Energizing America: Policy Choices Needed to Ensure Future Energy Security.”


Keith St. Clair – Egypt


Kendall College presents: Every Picture Tells a Story Roundtable

Kendall College Presents: An Evening With Dr. Nell Irvin

Fridays at 9:00 a.m.

Sundays at 9:00 a.m.

Aquinas Lunchtime Lectures – Glenn Barkan – Vietnam

World Affairs Great Decisions 2011: “Payback Time? The Global Financial Crisis”


World Affairs Great Decisions 2011: Senator Carl Levin

Calvin College January Series: Twesigye Jackson Kaguri

Calvin College January Series: Father Greg Boyle

Calvin College January Series: Temple Grandin

Calvin College January Series: Andy Crouch

Root Camp 2 – Garden Variety Design: What Where How

NEW! GRCC Psychology Lecture Series Finding, Landing, and Thriving in a Job that You Love


WE125 Aerobics with Melanie Schiele-Gady

WE127 Yoga Tone and Stretch with Melanie Schiele-Gady