Secchia Institute Partnership With Amway Hotel Corp in MiBiz

GRCC recently formed a partnership with Amway Hotel Corporation to create the “Franz ‘Swiss’ Imfeld Culinary Scholarship Endowment” as well as a program for students to be mentored by the first-rate culinary staff at the Amway Hotel Properties.

Culinary Crop: Amway, GRCC team to offer scholarship, mentor opportunities
By Joe Boomgaard | MiBiz

GRAND RAPIDS- When it comes to food, Amway Hotel Corp. has a reputation to uphold, and that requires that it hire only the best people for its culinary team.   Now, thanks to a $100,000 Franz “Swiss” Imfeld Culinary Scholarship endowment at Grand Rapids Community College, the company will get a chance to groom and mentor some of that talent and at the same time provide some financial help to muchdeserving students. This year, the school was able to give $2,500 to two students. (Read More)

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