miBUG Meeting & GVSU Symposium on Teaching & Technology Recap

On Friday, March 18th the following GRCC staff and faculty had the opportunity to attend the Michigan Blackboard Users Group (miBUG) Conference and GVSU Teaching with Technology Symposium:

Anna Clark; Brent Spitler; Eric J. Kunnen; Garret Brand; Grace Schwanda; Kevin O’Halla; Lisa Gloege; Mursalata Muhammad; Szymon Machajewski; and Tony VanderArk

The miBUG event brought over 80 attendees across the state from over 28 institutions. There was an opening session keynote on the new features in Blackboard 9.1 along with 2 sets of breakout sessions.

GRCC Professors Garry Brand and Mursalata Muhammad from GRCC presented on the following topics: “Using Tools that Students Use” and “Partnerships Through the Using Blackboard Technology”

miBUG attendees were also invited to the GVSU Teaching and Learning with Technology Symposium. The symposium provided over 27 ePoster sessions on a wide array of topics and a keynote by Dr. Punya Mishra on “Creative Teaching with Technology, what does it take?” Dr. Mishra also referred to the TPACK model which has to do with the intersection between content, pedagogy, and technology. Eric Kunnen blogged about the TPACK model as it relates to Blackboard tools in this post “Applying the Blackboard LMS to TPACK“ here.

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