Upcoming Learning Opportunities to Support the Transition to PeopleSoft 9

In order to support the upcoming PeopleSoft upgrade, open lab will be held for employees who use PeopleSoft to provide opportunities to interact with our PeopleSoft experts. Please use this opportunity to learn more about the upgrade to PeopleSoft 9.0 and how it affects various functions of your work. These open labs will be held in 351 Main and occur on the following dates/times:

  • Friday, April 8, 9-11 am
  • Wednesday, April 13, 2-4 pm
  • Friday, April 15, 9-11 am
  • Monday, April 18, 1-3 pm

Seeking Success Stories From GRCC Graduates

The Communications Department is looking for success stories from students graduating next month.  These students may be featured on the college home page. Just need the following information:

  • Student name:
  • Age: (optional)
  • Previous: (work or high school)
  • Program studied at GRCC:
  • Next move: (college name and area of study) or (position taken, company name)
  • Student photo also needed

Please send your suggestions to vhudson@grcc.edu before April 1.

GRCC in the News: 3/30/11

Muskegon Community College drops baseball doubleheader against Grand Rapids Community College
Published: Tuesday, March 29, 2011, 9:32 PM | David Tomczak | Muskegon Chronicle

Rival Grand Rapids Community College spoiled the Western Conference home baseball opener for Muskegon Community College on Tuesday. The Jayhawks (16-8, 0-2) fell in the doubleheader to the Raiders, 9-8 and 4-2. (More)