Art and Bevs Weekly Specials: 4/4/11

Art & Bev’s Weekly Specials Week of 4/4/11:


Buffalo Chicken Wrap $3.50
Soups: Mulligatawny or Potato Bacon $2.00


BST Panini (Bacon/Spinach/Tomato) w/provolone & fries $5.00
Broccoli Cheese or Chicken Noodle $2.00


Pasta Bar returns for the next three weeks!!! $5.00
Soup: French Onion or Chicken Tortilla $2.00


Bacon Cheddar Chili Dog w/fries $3.50
Soups: Pasta Fagioli or Corn Chowder $2.00

Art & Bev’s Bistro is open Tuesday-Friday 10 a.m. – 1 p.m.

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