GRCC in the News: 4/14/11

How to Cope With Your New Blue Collar Poet
Rapid Growth | Matt Simpson Siegel | Thursday, April 14, 2011

Chatting with David Cope, 63, is aimless in a pleasurable manner. There is work to be done and talked of, yet it’s easier to slip into the casual passion of asides and subtle disclosures, which seem to permeate each breath. Speaking organized oceans of conscious thought on what’s what with Grand Rapids’ poetry and on his new post for the next three years as Poet Laureate, Cope has thought long and hard on what he’d like to do for the regional wordsmith geniuses he’s become acquainted with.  (More)

Do Grand Rapids Community College students ‘get what they pay for’ when professors take on extra classes?
Published: Wednesday, April 13, 2011, 11:44 AM | Dave Murray | The Grand Rapids Press

“You get what you pay for.” That’s been a common response to our stories about salaries at Grand Rapids Community College and Grand Valley State University. But if professors are teaching many extra classes on top of their normal load, are students getting all they are paying for?  (More)

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