Photos of Student Support Services 3rd Annual Superstar Event

Student Support Services 3rd Annual Superstar Event

Thursday April 14th, Student Support Services had its 3rd Annual Superstar Event. SSS is an academic advising program for first generation students (parents did NOT receive a 4 yr degree).  They currently serve 250 students but well over 9,000 are eligible at GRCC. They still have openings, so if you identify any students who qualify please refer them to the Counseling Department in the Student Center.

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SSS recognized over 70 graduates, 78 students with a GPA of 3.5 or higher and 20 who engaged in over 50 hours total in community service projects.  Their students voted for their Favorite Professor and there was a four-way tie; congratulations to Leigh Kleinert, William Faber, Sarah Krajewski and Mary O’Rouke. The student comments were very touching and they appreciate all that GRCC’s faculty and staff do for them.

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