Photos – Advisory Committee Celebration


Yesterday the college celebrated the over 25 GRCC Advisory Committees that represent occupational programs, both credit and non credit. Each of the Advisory Committee members has served in an advisory capacity this year and advises their programs on curriculum and industry standards. Dr. Ender gave a brief speech on “The Vital Role of the Advisory Committees of GRCC.”

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One thought on “Photos – Advisory Committee Celebration

  1. Recnetly Eric William was appointed as a member of the President cabinet yet harassment, discrimination, and civil right violation are free to take palce at the college. Yet in my opinion, protected by the first Amendment Eric Willims doesn’t even want to address discrimination and civil right violations of GRCC ingorning their own disability sheets in certain departments. GRCC does discriminate and/or treat unfairly certian stidents that have disabilites (mental, learning, and physical). This should be the case but it is. Take it to the President and it goes in one ear and out the other. The wife has decided she may have to go the Office of Civil Rights and/or file a Federal discrimination lawsuit becasue they (GRCC, the President, and Eric) will not meet with her with anyone else present or allow her to tape record them, that way they can twist everything around. Typical run around at GRCC. It is highly unfortunate this is the way the Aministration at GRCC hangdles true complaints.

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